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Here are a few of the people and events reported in the month of June over the past 40 years in Canyon Lake.

40 Years Ago

In June of 1975, a Roaring Twenties Dance was held at the Lodge, and one of Paul Scott’s paintings was featured in the Canyon Lake Lighthouse Magazine.

Marilyn Cozad reported that a members-only tennis tournament was scheduled for that month, and Ann Spray told of a successful Jack and Jill golf tourney with Maxine Brandt and Harry Woodward as champions. A new “CLAY Club” was announced, with plans to provide Canyon Lake Activities for Youth.

The Woman’s Club held a popular rummage sale and reported on donated work on the Fireside Room chairs.

A “deluxe two-bedroom waterfront home” was offered by builder Hal Brown for $29,500 complete.

Contributions through the Home Owners Club made possible the purchase of trees to be planted on the main thoroughfares. They were to be maintained by a group of volunteers known as the “Over the Hill Gang.”

Robin Moore was appointed to be the POA’s general manager, while Vinnie Hernandez served as office manager. Hank and Maxine Schutz held a champagne open house for their Canyon Lake Interiors business.

35 Years Ago

In 1980, more than 80 mothers and daughters attended a luncheon hosted by the Canyon Lake Community Church with a special program featuring Pastor Peter Van Dyke.

Lions Club president Ray Poche was presented the charter to sponsor Cub Scout Pack 380. Young Brian Boudreaux was featured in the “Teenage Profile” section of the Lighthouse Magazine.

The POA Board of Directors that year was made up of Gerald Zahrte, Bill Cozad, Mildred Browning, Neil Hughes and Steve Critchfield.

“Friday Night Specials” for dining were a feature at the Village Store (now the site of Holiday Harbor), where a new line of bathing suits was also on sale. New rules were posted at Happy Camp for guests and residents. For $25, a Canyon Lake resident offered to clear unwanted weeds on local vacant lots.

The Travel Club offered round-trip tickets to “Evita” at the Shubert for $27 and the Laguna Beach Arts Festival for $20. Helen Scott was installed as the president of the Woman’s Club with a board that included Marge Clabaugh, Pat Sullenger, Robina Miller and Luverne Alrick.

A lawsuit by a member questioning whether or not the POA could require members to pay monies assessed by the Association was decided in favor of the POA’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

A suggestion was made to the POA that, in the future, one of the parks could include a pond to be used for dog play and casting practice.

A condo on Treasure Island could be rented for $575 a month, and Lot 674, Tract 3868 sold for $14,000.

30 Years Ago

In June 1985, Marine Patrol was organizing its officers for another big season on Canyon Lake.

In June 1985, Marine Patrol was organizing its officers for another big season on Canyon Lake.

In June 1985, Bud and Alice Arnold’s street front home was judged “Home of the Year” in the 1985 ”Colorful Canyon Lake” celebration.

Lee Lundgren, chairman of the sponsoring Presidents Committee, announced that the year’s 4th of July fireworks show would be spectacular.

A new POA Board of Directors was elected. It included John Giardinelli, Ike Runner, Bob Nipper, Matt Lewis and Joe Hill. With more than 700 proxies submitted in the last hour before the Annual Meeting began, it took more than eight hours to count the ballots and announce the results at 3:05 a.m. the following morning.

The staging of “The Barber of Seville” at Indian Beach by the Friends of the Library netted $1,500 for the benefit of the Canyon Lake Public Library.

Tickets were still available for the drawing of a new Cadillac to benefit the “Support Our Signal” fund to provide a traffic signal at the Main Gate. Some $7,500 was donated for this cause from proceeds of the Canyon Lake Chili Cook-Off.

Also that month, the Friends of the Library hosted a wine tasting event that included cheese from local dairyman Jules Wesselink.

Also that month, the Friends of the Library hosted a wine tasting event that included cheese from local dairyman Jules Wesselink.

A problem with honeybees swarming on local decks and trees was being addressed by the POA with the help of a local beekeeper.

New pipe stalls were installed at the Equestrian Area by the POA. New members of the Marine Patrol were announced and included Randy Bellew, Ray Brewer, Chet Felshaw, Ivan Hardy and Doug Jones.

Automated trucks were under consideration by the POA for trash pick-up.

Mike Davis announced the Home Owners Club was offering Canyon Lake license plate holders, and the Travel Club would be traveling to El Segundo to visit the Old Time Music Hall. Don Wicen was elected president of the Lions Club.

25 Years Ago

By June 1990, Canyon Lake was 78 percent built, with 3,517 total residences, 2,461 of which were owner-occupied. Of the rest, 381 were leased and 91 rented on a month-to-month basis. There were 512 weekenders, 74 spec homes and 1,035 vacant lots A total of 131 homes were under construction.

The POA Board approved the installation of a gas dock at the Campground with the belief that this would avoid possible safety problems previously caused by boat owners having to transport gas in their cars to fuel their boats.

Sy Covel was actively promoting a recycling program to collect and sell aluminum cans and plastic bottles to underwrite the annual 4th of July fireworks show.

The Board was considering the need for and qualifications of Golf Course marshals. Thefts from local automobiles and trailers caused the POA to sponsor a special televised meeting to review safeguards for residents.

Following the success of the Home Owners Club’s presentation of “Mark Twain Tonight” at the Lodge, plans were under way to host an evening with several Barbershop Quartets.

Harry Pahel and Pat DePalma worked with the Emergency Preparedness Committee in sponsoring First Aid and CPR classes. A rules change was to be voted on to make 16 the minimum age for operating golf cart in the community.

Jerry Lee and Art Zasio were busily preparing for a spectacular fireworks and musical celebration on the 4th of July. POA Board secretary Ed Fair conducted a survey that showed a majority of members did not approve of a suggestion that the Association offer credit to members when paying for amenities.

A boat owned by an absentee member sank in 35 feet of water after the owner failed to take action after being informed of a leak, and subsequent waves caused it to fill with water and submerge.

Craig Summers was declared champion by the Men’s Golf Club after a birdie putt on the 18th. The Cotillion’s dance contest produced the following winners: Christina Renteria and Gene Oceguera, Dustin Griffin and Melissa Madelena, and Korrie Norris and Mike Dahl.

20 Years Ago

In June 1995, Debby Gagnon opened the doors of Pack Wrap and Post as the new neighborhood post office.

In June 1995, Debby Gagnon opened the doors of Pack Wrap and Post as the new neighborhood post office.

In June 1995, water was briefly shut off in Canyon Lake so that EVMWD could complete modifications on Railroad Canyon Dam. Dr.Warren Stephenson, a longtime Canyon Lake weekender, was chosen by the local school board to serve as principal of Temescal Canyon High School.

An estimated 4,000 residents and guests took part in what was described as one of the “best ever” Fiesta Days by the sponsoring volunteer committee. Auditions for an production of “Guys and Dolls” attracted a large number of prospective thespians.

Bobcat sightings at the Country Club caused local wildlife experts to recommend caution.

As of June 1, there were 3,789 residences in Canyon Lake and the gated community was 82 percent built according to the ACC. Of these, 2,732 were owner-occupied, 489 leased and 32 were rented on a month-to-month basis. Weekenders numbered 434 and there were 102 spec homes. At that time, there were still 966 vacant lots left in the community.

Brothers Andrew and Ryan Mails were jointly honored as Ryan was of a select few chosen to attend the prestigious California School for the Arts and Andrew was one of a team that placed first in annual statewide California History Day.

City Manager Jeff Butzlaff assured property owners that the brush fire that burned 315 acres and threatened the Canyon Lake Estates was under control and of possible arson origin.

Sandy Lathrop was crowned princess at the Hawaiian Tropics Pageant in Ontario.

A sewage spill caused the POA to close a portion of the lake to bodily contact.

Low-cost mammograms were offered at the Fire Station, and co-directors Debbie Miller and Cathy Zaitz announced that they had completed casting of performers for the upcoming production of “Guys and Dolls.”

Beverly Lillie was elected president of the Canyon Lake Woman’s Club and would serve with a cabinet that included Audrey Barrows, Joan Salazar, Dottie Reidt, Helen Madera, Jane Dague and Barbara Sheahan.

The Lake Elsinore Unified School District named Colleen Andersen, principal of the new Tuscany Hills Elementary School, as its “Principal of the Year.” The Community Church planned to offer a patriotic program honoring Independence Day.

Local residents joined with neighboring Elsinorians to help make the Senior Grad Night at Temescal Canyon High School a spectacular event.

Work on reclaimed waterlines caused delays for those traveling on Railroad Canyon Rd.

15 Years Ago

In June 2000, average daily attendance was about 15 at the Youth Center, located in the lower level of the POA Building, according to POA Recreation Manager Kathie Barnes.

In June 2000, average daily attendance was about 15 at the Youth Center, located in the lower level of the POA Building, according to POA Recreation Manager Kathie Barnes.

Despite temperatures that reached 101 degrees, Fiesta Day 2000 was considered a success by those who participated.

As of June 1, Canyon Lake had 4,018 residences with 3,202 of these owner-occupied. There were an additional 412 leased and 13 rented on a month-to-month basis. In addition, there were 282 weekend homes, 119 spec homes and 76 homes under construction. There were still 668 vacant lots 15 years ago.

Marlena Randall was crowned Miss West Riverside County in the annual adjudication.

An attack by an unleashed pit bull on Canyon Lake Dr. North caused neighbors to ask why this situation took place.

Fourteen members of the Canyon Lake Twirlers attended the California State Square Dance Convention in San Diego. Auditions were held by the local Performing Arts group for prospective members for an upcoming “Annie Get Your Gun” cast.

With the return of fire season, Canyon Lakers were advised to take measures to protect their properties from potential damage.

Temescal Canyon High School valedictorians included several Canyon Lake students, including Greg Capps, Hayley Young, Meghan Butler, Becky Trystad, Shannon Vitale, Isabel Huerta and Jacque Paxman. In addition, Ryan Lundsrom was valedictorian at Paloma Valley High School and Mariah Crawford led the class at the Linfield School in Temecula.

The animal shelter in Lake Elsinore, known as LEAF at the time, revealed plans to build a new facility.

The choirs and orchestra of the Canyon Lake Community Church presented a musical tribute to America. Jim and Debbie Kipp were the sweepstakes winners of the Garden Club’s annual “Green Thumb in Paradise” competition for outstanding gardens.

Members and guests missed the popular “Taco Tuesdays” at the Lodge due to construction.

The POA Board approved a series of children’s sports camps. Railroad Canyon Elementary School hosted its annual Oratorical Contest, and the various grade winners were Samantha Murphy, Ryan Medford, Tyler Murphy, George Lopez, Carlee Blakemore and Caity Craven. Levi Smith was recipient of the Cub Scout Arrow of Light award, and Karen Smart was the winner of a brand new Pontiac Grand Prix pace car from a drawing conducted by Albertson’s.

The Youth Center, located downstairs in the POA Building, was fully staffed and open Tuesday through Sunday, from 3:30 to 9 p.m. Kids 10 to 18 were invited to stop by and enjoy the air hockey, pool table, ping pong and other games. Tutors and computers also were available. Average daily attendance was about 15, according to POA Recreation Manager Kathie Barnes.

A temporary site for Elsinore Middle School while reconstruction was under way on Graham St. in Lake Elsinore was revealed to be a vacant lot at Railroad Canyon and Cottonwood Canyon Roads.

Finally, the hard-working Tuesday Work Group made plans for a summer vacation before resuming their appreciated work on the Golf Course in the Fall.

10 Years Ago

Because of high groundwater, poor soil conditions and a lack of regular maintenance, septic systems in Quail Valley were failing at an alarming rate. Therefore, in June 2005, property owners were glad to hear that the Regional Water Quality Control Board, in collaboration with the City of Canyon Lake, Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, County Officials, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District and Eastern Municipal Water District, was investigating the serious water quality and public health threat.

Residents along Longhorn Dr. and Appaloosa Ct. lost their pastoral views of rolling hills and open vistas to make way for 133 homes in Tuscany Hills.

Residents along Longhorn Dr. and Appaloosa Ct. lost their pastoral views of rolling hills and open vistas to make way for 133 homes in Tuscany Hills.

Many Canyon Lake residents living along Longhorn Dr. and Appaloosa Ct. no longer enjoyed pastoral views of rolling hills and open vistas. Bemoaning the fact that the POA did not purchase a margin of land on Canyon Lake’s borders, residents in the western section of the community were looking at steeply graded slopes and the construction of 133 Tuscany Hills homes in their backyard.

A ceremonial groundbreaking was held for the Canyon Hills Marketplace, a 135,000 square foot shopping center located at Railroad Canyon Rd. and Canyon Hills Rd. The shopping center had been part of the development plans for the Canyon Hills area since being approved by the City of Lake Elsinore in 1989.

Friends and fans of Canyon Lake’s hometown hero, Gunnery Sergeant John Collins, were invited to attend a retirement celebration honoring him for his almost 22 years of service in the United States Marine Corps. It was just past midnight on the first day of the war in Iraq when Gunnery Sergeant John Collins stepped on a land mine that tore into his feet and legs and crushed the side of his face. After being treated at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, he returned to Canyon Lake and was adopted as the community’s hometown hero.

“Elvira,” “Your Cheating Heart” and “Ghost Riders in the Sky” were just part of the line-up of country-western classics performed at the Fine Arts Guild’s annual fundraiser concert at Holiday Harbor Park.

All Canyon Lakers were invited to be a part of Canyon Lake history since the wall on the new tennis courts would feature permanent tiles painted by Canyon Lake individuals and families. Street Carts of Canyon Lake held its inaugural Poker Run.

These Canyon Lake athletes from Temescal Canyon High School graduated in 2005 and were recognized at Scholarship Night: Tyler Plasch was offered $9,000 from LaVerne, $8,000 from Cal Lutheran and $8,500 from Marymount; Rocky Hampton was offered a full ride $120,000 to play basketball at Biola University; Matt Nunez was offered $120,000 to play basketball for Concordia University; Megan Zimmerer was offered full tuition of $92,000 to play softball at Azusa Pacific University, Jared Zinda was offered $92,000 to play football at Azusa Pacific University and Myles Eden was offered a full ride of $64,000 to play football at San Jose State University.

TCHS valedictorians from Canyon Lake were Aaron Bos, Porsha Heinrich, Brittany Downey, Myles Eden and Jared Zinda.

In June 2005, The Friday Flyer’s Reel People Ron and Leigh Martel reviewed “Madagascar,” “Cinderella Man,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “Batman Begins.”

5 Years Ago

In June 2010, the newly constructed Newport Rd. opened in both directions. The Towne Center was abuzz with saws, hammers, compressors and other construction sounds as the shell of the commercial building consumed by fire on July 17, 2009 went up quickly under the direction of contractors Steve Gibson and Mike Augustine.

The long-awaited Taco Tuesday began at the Lodge with Taco Del Mar providing the tacos and other Mexican food specialties, and Surfer Bean Cafe on hand with iced coffee drinks and smoothies.

The theme of the Fine Arts Guild’s Picnic and Dance was “Tavern on the Green,” with music provided by Rob Rio.

In June 2010, Matt English, 16, pictured with Jr. Bassmasters Director Sal Gervasi and Tournament Director Archie Steel, was the winner of the California Bass Federation State Junior Championship.

In June 2010, Matt English, 16, pictured with Jr. Bassmasters Director Sal Gervasi and Tournament Director Archie Steel, was the winner of the California Bass Federation State Junior Championship.

Five members of the Canyon Lake Jr. Bassmasters traveled to Lake Millerton for the California Bass Federation State Junior Championship. Matt English, 16, won in his age group (14-18) with a catch of 9 lbs. He was scheduled to travel to Atlanta, Georgia to fish in the National Guard Jr. World Championship.

Canyon Lake 8th grader Kendra Burns made it through the first two rounds of the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.

The Canyon Lake Jr. Women’s Club (JWC) brought back the ever-popular Casino Night, with the theme “Hollywood Glamour.” The JWC invited all guests to dress up in their best red carpet attire.

The cities of Canyon Lake and Menifee, the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Eastern Municipal Water District and Riverside County worked together to curb septic runoff from Quail Valley and improve water quality in the San Jacinto Watershed. They had operated as the Quail Valley Task Force since May 2009.

Police Explorer Post 315, sponsored by the Canyon Lake Police Department, was helping with crowd control and other important tasks at such Canyon Lake events as Fiesta Day and Taco Tuesday. The group had been honored as the Chamber of Commerce Organization of the Year in 2009.

It hadn’t happened in the Junior Division in approximately eight years, but the 2010 Canyon Lake Junior Storm, managed by John Rojas, captured the District 28 Tournament of Champions (TOC) title by winning four straight games with zero losses.

Canyon Lake water skier Steven Brooks, 16, traveled to Princeton, Texas to ski at the Junior U.S. Open Water Ski Championships, where he took 2nd place overall.

The POA offered Horse Camp for children at a cost of $100 per child. The camp was facilitated by trainer Alex Radomirovic.

Live quagga mussels were discovered in the engine compartment of a boat undergoing an inspection at the East Gate, affirming the notion that vessels that frequent infested waters and then return to Canyon Lake present a danger to the ecological health of the Lake, according to POA Director Steve Salazar, point man for the Board of Directors in facilitating the Quagga Boat Inspection Program.

Suzi Kessler, a former POA President and wife of former mayor Frank Kessler, was led away in handcuffs after being sentenced to three years, four months at Chowchilla State Prison. She had been found guilty of felonies involving embezzlement, misappropriation of funds and knowingly writing bad checks.

Seniors spotlighted in The Friday Flyer in June 2010 were Tim Thornhill, Sarah Potter-Smith, Branden George, Kayla Zimmerman and Erik Larson.

In June 2010, Reel People Ron and Leigh Martel reviewed “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” “Killers,” “The A-Team” and “The Karate Kid.”

1 Year Ago

At the recommendation of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the City Council in June 2014 approved an “urgency ordinance” that would revise curfew restrictions for minors. The City ordinance (Chapter 11.16*) prohibited minors (children under the age of 18) from remaining in any public place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. It was announced that both Canyon Lake Police and Securitas would be strictly enforcing curfew requirements over the summer, “with no warnings given.”

Priority projects discussed by the CLPOA Board of Directors were a new community building at the Tennis Center, Main Gate improvements, dog park, Roadrunner Park restrooms. Indian Beach playground, security cameras, Lodge awning over staircase, Jump Lagoon viewing area, Causeway Tunnel analysis. Other high-level priorities were the Security Contract, Lake Lease, CC&R and Bylaws rewrite, committee reorganization and ACC permit process.

Vandalism to mailboxes was a problem in the gated community, so CLPOA staff requested that residents notify Securitas Community Patrol immediately when vandalism to mailboxes was noticed. Also, the Association made the decision to enforce the decal lane rule because there had been an increase in vandalism and crime going on inside the community, and the Association felt it was time to tighten up the access.

The 17th annual Ray Chenette Golf Fundraiser Tournament was hosted by the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce, AutoCare USA and the Canyon Lake Family Golf Club.

The Canyon Lake Triathlon Club hosted an off-road super sprint triathlon at the North Ski Area. It consisted of swimming one-fourth mile in the North Ski Area, followed by the choice of riding six miles in the hills behind Canyon Lake or on Canyon Lake streets. The third event in the triathlon was a 1.5 mile trail run.

About 20 members of the Senior Chair Volleyball Club took a trip to Catalina Island, enjoying adventures by jeep, boat, golf cart and zip-line.

The Canyon Lake Art Association held its annual “Art at the Lake” reception at the Lodge.

Canyon Lake equestrians were in the news. Cory Cochran competed for USC at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) National Championship and was awarded Reserve Champion (2nd place) in her Intermediate Flat division. Shannon Mulcahy rides in the IHSA for Cal Poly Pomona University’s English and Western Equestrian Teams and competed in the Western Semifinals in North Carolina. She also was elected to serve as team captain for Cal Poly Pomona’s English Team for the 2014/2015 season.

In Canyon Lake Little League news, the Major Skeeter and the Junior Rangers won the District 28 Tournament of Champions.

The Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce held its annual Tailgate Party at Storm Stadium.

A “Ghost Bike” was set up as a roadside memorial for Conrad Pasco, a Menifee resident who was killed in a bicycling accident on Railroad Canyon Rd.

A “Ghost Bike” was set up as a roadside memorial for Conrad Pasco, a Menifee resident who was killed in a bicycling accident on Railroad Canyon Rd.

A Ghost Bike was set up as a roadside memorial on Railroad Canyon Rd. to memorialize Conrad Pasco, a 61-year-old resident of Menifee, who was crossing RRC Rd. from the center median when he was struck by a Honda Civic. The driver was a 21-year-old Yucaipa resident.

Local residents were told that the fate of Fire Station 60, the only fire station within the Canyon Lake community, was in the hands of the County of Riverside and CalFire – and remained undecided. Canyon Lake officials repeatedly stated that they do not want Station 60 to close and were working consistently to find a solution to keeping it open within the City’s fiscal constraints.

The Canyon Lake Family Matters Club held a Community Swap Meet the last Sunday of June at Holiday Harbor.

In June 2014, Reel People Ron and Leigh Martel reviewed “Maleficient,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and “Jersey Boys.”


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