Letter: All Inclusive Advisory Vote


Editor, The Friday Flyer

The POA wants to “gauge” my interest in “all inclusive,” added monthly POA fee to the $248 we already pay? WTH? All inclusive to me is a week in Cabo. Which liberals thought up this scheme? It’s like the utility tax we were scammed into paying, which will never end in five years. Many of us living in Canyon Lake are retired and now the POA is “test floating” an increase in dues of 20-percent.

I live on the water but sold my boat, seldom play golf, don’t need rental space, don’t use the campground and I’m not interested in “coerced” dining. This is socialism at work.

Was this idea unanimous within the POA board? Well, I know that my votes will go to those not currently on the POA board. This is ridiculous! If this comes to a vote, it will be time for me to depart the ongoing saga of Canyon Lake and the POA. Has my interest been gauged?

Mike Johnson

  • dougeducate

    How dare the board ask the members about their opinion! How is this a “liberal” thing? Are you just like your dear leader? Just throw out buzz words to scare the ignorant, or are you one of the ignorant? It is an advisory vote, you dolt. It you are against it, vote that way. You poor confused thing, bless your heart. Do us all a favor and don’t wait. Sell now and move to North Korea. They don’t give a hoot about what their people want.

  • dougeducate

    By the way, they don’t want to gauge your interest, they want to gauge the community. You know, democracy. The housing market is strong right now, but interest rates are rising. You should really list your home NOW! Don’t wait! Bye, Felicia.