Letter: Candidate Dale Welty


Editor, The Friday Flyer

I met Dale in 2014 when I was appointed to the Recreation Committee which he was the chair of. As a retired college department chair and athletic director, I’ve had years of experience serving on committees which has given me the ability to recognize Dale’s excellent leadership skills and his knowledge in the operations of association government.

In 2010, he served on the Tennis Facilities Committee. Working with the POA, they were able to build a retaining structure to preserve the tennis courts.

In 2013, he became a member of the Finance Committee where he reviewed the Operating Budget monthly and annual reviews that provided the final budget recommendation to the POA.

During his time with the Recreation and Facilities Review committees, Dale contributed to long-range planning. As a result, many projects were completed: front gate water feature, shade structures at the pool and new playground equipment.

Dale has demonstrated his ability to make difficult decisions. For example, when pickleball was introduced to the Recreation Committee and the community, in spite of all the controversy and doubt, Dale saw the value of pickleball as an additional amenity. Because of his vision, we now have four new pickleball courts.

His work with the Recreation and Facilities Review committees has resulted in solar lighting at East Port, patio enclosure at senior center and storage building at Gault Field.

Dale served on the Lake Lease Litigation Committee and is the board liaison to the Dredge Committee and Tuesday Work Group.

As a POA Director for the past two years, he has worked with the board to reorganize the upper management structure.

It’s evident that Dale cares deeply for the community and willing to devote another two years of his life to accomplish his goal: To make Canyon lake a first-class community.

Jeannette Williams