Additional boat rental dock spaces to be installed


There are boat rental docks at the lodge for boat owners who donโ€™t have their own personal dock at home for their vessel. Currently, there are 103 total slips, 26 electric (electric slips have one single outlet) and 77 non-electric. For several years, the POA has had a long waiting list for these boat rental dock spaces.

The POA recently announced that the lodge dock will be redesigned to create 22 additional rental dock spaces. The installation of the new docks will begin the week of Sept. 11. The project is anticipated to be complete by November 2017.

Redesigning the rental dock space allows the POA to offer more spaces to those who wish to have a spot for their boat on the lake. Once the project is complete, the Member Servicesย department will contact those on the wait list first. Those who wish to be added to the waiting list can contact the Member Services department at 951-244-6841, ext. 310.

The POA Board of Directors approved this project at the July 5 Regular Session Board Meeting. The lodge dock may be affected during installation but will remain operational during the project to support boating customers.

The projected payback for the new rental dock system is less than 4.5 years and the new docks should have a lifespan of approximately 30 years. If the waiting list still remains long after these additional spaces are rented out there is a phase two of the project that would involve adding another 22 spaces.

For more information about this project and rental pricing, contact Member Services at 951-244-6841, ext. 310.