Quorum was not met in POA’s special election


Quorum was not met on Monday for the POA’s special election. Only 1,187 of the 1,526 ballots needed were turned in. The election was adjoined and rescheduled for Monday, Nov. 25, at 9 a.m. at the lodge. During this time, ballots may still be returned to the ballot box at the POA office or mailed in before Nov. 20.

According to the POA, quorum will likely be met for the Incorporation & Bylaw proposed amendments; however, a two-thirds vote is needed of the total members within each tract to pass the CC&R amendments.

Only the prime member of record on each lot who is in “good standing” with the POA may vote. Voters may select only the measures they would like to vote on. It is not required for members to vote on every measure.

Voters who do not want to cast a vote on any measure but want to help reach quorum may do so by marking the box that says “for quorum purposes only.” By doing so, the voter is forfeiting the right to vote on any measure but will help to reach quorum.

The special election ballot measures include removing proxy voting (Articles of Incorporation), removing cumulative voting (Bylaws), extending future board of director terms to four years to eliminate the need for director elections every year (Bylaws), modifying five-foot fence height restriction (CC&R) and empowering ACC to select and designate appropriate roofing materials to modify roof material (CC&R).

These measures have been selected to help modernize and enhance the POA’s governing documents by adapting to the needs of the community and industry standards and to better stabilize the governing board.

Ballots are processed by the POA’s Inspector of Election. Ballot updates are posted under Canyon Lake at myhoavote.com. Questions regarding election materials should be directed to HOA Elections of California, Inc. at 951-667-7191 or info@hoaelections.com.