Garcia family touched by fundraiser donations


Photo provided by Cara Garcia

Hosted by the Garcia family, the 3rd annual Lemonade Stand Fundraiser raised $3,600, doubling the amount raised the previous year. The proceeds will benefit KICKcancER, a nonprofit organization that benefits kids with cancer.

Cara Garcia, whose daughter Juliana was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumor in 2015 when she was just three years old, said, “It was amazing to see how many people came out. There were beautiful stories, tears shed and lots of hugs.”

Among the generous donations was a $200 check from Canyon Lakers Diane and Steve Libring. “They, along with their bible study group, use to bring us meals once a week when Juliana was in treatment,” said Cara.

“They said they were just so excited and happy to see that she was well and so beautiful.”

The Wakeboard Club put out a donation jar during the club’s Learn to Ride Day and collected $100.

Local business supported the cause, including Sports Stop owner Ria Riley who donated a check for $250.

The Garcia family was touched by a donation given by Greg Hupe’s fiancee Lisa. Greg was in the process of raising money so he could travel to Mexico to receive treatment for cancer when he passed away.

The Canyon Laker succumbed to cancer just three days before the Lemonade Stand Fundraiser. Lisa thought the money raised should go back to the community and, in addition to a donation from her family, made a donation on Greg’s behalf.

Juliana’s classmates also showed their support. “One classmate at Santa Rosa Academy brought her entire piggy bank of savings from the year and donated all of it, which came out to about $65 in change,” said Cara. “Another classmate put up a stand at his garage sale that morning and raised $25.”

“We are very proud of the kids and their friends that ran the stand that day,” Cara said. “They worked tirelessly for four hours, making up songs, holding signs and trying to get people to come down to the beach to donate.”