Canyon Lake crime stats presented for August


At the Oct. 2 City Council Meeting, Lieutenant Matthew Sims of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department presented the crime stats for Canyon Lake for the month of August.

There were a total of 428 calls for service, which is down 87 from the previous month. Sims explained that not all of the calls were from the public. “They also could be ones that are generated by the deputies as well,” said Sims. If they contact somebody or they do an area check or a business check, they’ll pull a number and it will report as a call. The calls come off of how many file numbers we pull per day, so it’s not all calls from the public. We do generate a good portion of those ourselves.”

There were seven part one crimes reported. They include one aggravated assault, four burglaries and two larceny thefts.

In total there were five arrests in Canyon Lake in the month of August. They include two DUI and three domestic violence arrests.

Four traffic citations were issued and one collision report was made. No motor vehicle thefts were reported.