Council approves updated Records Retention Schedule


City Council approved resolution 2019-34, approving the updated Records Retention Schedule and authorizing the destruction of certain city records.

The city’s current Records Retention Schedule was adopted on May 7, 2017, to provide regulation and guidelines for the efficient operation of the city’s records. Its main purpose is to ensure that all city records are maintained in accordance with federal, state and local statutes.

Proper maintenance of numerous records is vital, as improper maintenance can slow document retrieval when fulfilling public records requests.

Preserving all records is not necessary or fiscally prudent, as some records may be destroyed after a certain period of time. The current Retention Schedule, although many years old, has worked well and has assured that no record is destroyed prematurely.

With the participation of key staff in all departments, a Records Management Consultant, the city clerk and the city attorney’s office, the Retention Schedule as a whole has been re-evaluated and updated.

Many document titles and Government Code Sections were added, deleted or amended bringing the Retention Schedule up-to-date. The revised Retention Schedule includes organizational changes that occurred since 2014, includes new law updates and conforms to the Local Government Retention Schedule Guidelines.