POA approves funding for golf course lake


The Board of Directors approved funding on Tuesday in the amount of $359,896.51 plus four percent contingency from Repair and Replacement Fund 02-670 for the renovation of the golf course lake next to hole 13.

According to the POA, the lake has been in need of repairs for many years. These repairs include crumbling shorelines and the addition of a liner, pump and aeration equipment.

Since the lake was in need of repairs, it was bypassed from being an irrigation reservoir in the fall of 2018. The lake was last modified in the 1980s into its current configuration.

In late 2018, a waterscape design company was retained at a contract price
of $8,600 to design a new lake around the scope of repairs needing to be done. The  primary focus was to stop the enormous water loss every day, fix the crumbling shoreline and give the lake a fresh look.

Operations also worked closely to seek input from the golfing community, Green Committee, golf pro and golf course landscape vendor. The Green Committee approved the design unanimously at its March meeting and the golf pro and landscape vendor also gave their approval.

On July 30, the POA released an RFP to repair, line and renovate the badly leaking lake.

The anticipated scope of work includes reconfiguring the lake so it has natural sloping sides, adding a liner and relocating and replacing the bridge with an earthen bridge.

The POA received three bids, ranging from $338,324 to $377,500 plus turf and irrigation repairs. The design estimate was $231,330.00 without turf and irrigation repairs surrounding the lake.

Fiscal impact is as follows:

Lake reconfiguration, permits, demolition, liner, earthen bridge and
aeration  equipment:  $338,324.00.

Turf and irrigation portion of the project: $21,572.51.

According to the POA, the new, smaller lake could save the POA more than $80,000 per year on its water bill and pay for itself within five years.