Community Patrol stats presented for July


The Community Patrol and Marine Patrol reports for the month of July were presented by the POA on Sept. 3. The Community Patrol report was prepared by Account Manager William Jordan. The Marine Patrol report was prepared by Marine Patrol Captain Don Motteler.

Community Patrol

Community Patrol answered 487 calls for service. Staff performed 4,090 foot patrols of amenities and parks. Sixty-four suspicious persons/vehicles were reported with an average response time by Community Patrol of 10.41 minutes.

Six speeding citations were issued by patrol. The speed trailer issued 98 speeding citations. Eight golf cart and seven miscellaneous traffic citations were issued. There were 304 parking citations issued.

Three citations were issued for verbal abuse to staff. Four noise citations, one animal-related citation and three solicitation citations were issued.

Officers confiscated 48 guest passes and issued nine citations for gate running.

There were six motor vehicle accidents and one vandalism reported.

Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol received 209 calls for service and performed 120 boat safety inspections, 31 boat tows,  two battery assists and 25 quagga inspections. Nineteen fishing license checks were performed. One citation was issued for POA expired/no registration and one citation was issued for state expired/no registration. Two incidents were reported.

About Community Patrol

The POA provides Community Patrol Services for the community. Its primary functions are to provide the community with gate access control, Rules and Regulations compliance and incident observation and reporting to the POA.

Community Patrol can assist with barking or loose dogs, illegal fishing, loud noise complaints, motorcycle riding in the community, speeding vehicles, parking violations, vehicle accidents and other non-emergency incidents.

The primary functions of Marine Patrol are to provide the community with services that include quagga and boat safety inspections, Rules and Regulations compliance and incident observation and reporting to the POA.

Police Services

Police services are provided by the City of Canyon Lake through a contract with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. For emergency situations and to report a crime, call 911 for help.