Canyon Lakers rally around one of their own


Canyon Laker Greg Hupe was diagnosed with bladder cancer which metastasized to his intestines and brain. Greg plans to fight the cancer with alterative treatments in Mexico. Photo by Pat Van Dyke

Most will agree that Canyon Lake is an amazing place to live. When one considers the many amenities, clubs and organizations; there is a plethora of “things to do.” But none are as touching as watching the Canyon Lake community rally around one of their own when there is a need.

Greg Hupe is one such person.

Greg has been part of the Canyon Lake community since he was a teenager. In 1986, his father moved to Canyon Lake because of the many amenities that were available for himself and his 16-year-old son. During his teen years, Greg could be found in the pool, skiing on the lake, fishing off one of the docks, or taking in a round of golf.

Greg’s family has a strong Canyon Lake background. His sister Megan grew up and lived in Canyon Lake for 26 years. The family has been a part of the Boat Parade, Golf Cart Parade, Family Golf Tournaments and many other activities.

From personal experience, Greg knows that the best thing about living in Canyon Lake are the supportive friends and families. This past week he stated, “I love to go to the lodge and country club and see so many familiar faces of my supportive friends.”

And this is exactly what Greg needs at this time: supportive friends and family members that lift him up daily in prayer.

In January 2018, Greg wasn’t feeling well and checked in a local emergency room. He was treated and sent home only to return to the emergency room a day later. Further tests indicated that there was a blockage in his bladder which warranted immediate surgery.

During the surgery, the doctors discovered cancer in his bladder which had metastasized to his intestines. Only a few minutes after the doctors had made the discovery, Greg’s intestines burst. Because of the severity of the cancer, he was then hospitalized for six weeks.

Greg’s amazing amount of drive put him on a quest to find the best location for treatment which gave the most hope. He found City of Hope in Duarte, California, and soon placed himself under the care of the comforting medical team.

Under the care of City of Hope, Greg received 10 radiation treatments and multiple chemotherapy sessions. His friends and family provided transportation for the 90-minute drive from Canyon Lake to City of Hope.

Greg found the City of Hope team to be uplifting and provided for him a positive atmosphere while he fought the cancer. Chemotherapy did slow the growth of the tumor and Greg is currently waiting for the results of the radiation; however, recently it was discovered that the cancer has now reached his brain.

Six weeks ago, with these latest facts in hand, the medical team at City of Hope gave Greg the dim news that he could no longer tolerate additional chemotherapy and that his life could end in two to five months.

Greg, being one that never gives up and knowing that the Lord is on his side, decided to do some of his own research. On the internet, he learned about various alternative treatments for cancer which have not yet been approved for use in the United States.

He discovered that the most promising procedures are available in Mexico. Many are based on Gerson Therapy, an alternative therapy which aims to rid the body of toxins and strengthen the body’s immune system through an organic, plant-based diet, raw juices and natural supplements. Greg has decided that this will be his next attack on the cancer that is afflicting his body.

Being a person who fights his battles head-on, Greg is seeking support through a GoFundMe page to help cover the 21-day, $35,000 treatment available at CHIPSA Hospital, Jardines Del Sol Playas, Tijuana, Mexico.

Greg knows that he is not fighting this battle alone. Standing by his side is his fiancé Lisa and her four children. Lisa, Greg’s primary caregiver, is also a physician’s assistant and very familiar with the workings of the medical community. As he continues to receive an amazing amount of support from his family and Canyon Lake friends, Greg exclaims, “I love them all!”

When one considers the support that he has received in the past few weeks, the conclusion must be made that Greg has the most wonderful support team ever. Canyon Lake Family Golf, of which Greg and his family have been members for over 20 years, heads the list by having hosted a golf tournament to help fund Greg’s medical expenses. This was followed by Canyon Lakers, Scott and Pam Ellis establishing a meal train which Greg shares has been such a blessing to the family.

When Canyon Lakers Paul and Nikki Holm heard about the meal train, they signed up. Instead of dropping off a meal to Greg, they invited him and his family to their home for dinner. When Greg arrived, he found more than 40 Canyon Lake Family Golf friends gathered to celebrate his birthday. “I was completely shocked,” he said. “The number of friends and family that showed up was amazing. I felt humbled and blessed.”

This past week, Greg was presented with financial funding from the Canyon Lake Junior Women’s Club.

When asked where he finds his strength and positive attitude as he continues his battle against cancer, he cites from his family, friends and the Lord. Greg credits his mother for his relationship with Jesus, his father for the advice of “never feel sorry for yourself” and his fellow cancer survivors who give him hope.

What advice does Greg have for others? “Know Jesus, then you will know that all things are possible through Him.”

What would he like his Canyon Lake family and friends to know? Greg wants everyone to realize that “Life is priceless. Enjoy every day like it is your last. Treat others with compassion and kindness. Get to know your neighbors. Tell someone you love them daily. Do something kind for someone you know or don’t know. Feel blessed that you live in one of the greatest cities in America.”

Lastly, Greg says “Thank You” to all of the residents of Canyon Lake who are making a difference in his life.

Canyon Lake is blessed daily by Greg Hupe and his positive outlook on life.

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