Canyon Lake golfer scores two holes-in-one a week apart


Marv Tweedy shot two holes-in-one one week apart. Photo provided by Joe Kamashian

Men’s Golf Club member Marv Tweedy shot two holes-in-one seven days apart, on the same hole, with the same club, while golfing with the same foursome.

Marv shot his first hole-in-one on July 3 on the 120 yard 15th hole when he hit his 5 hybrid club from the blue tees. The excitement started when the neighbors saw the ball go in the hole from their balcony. Playing with Marv in his foursome were his regular playing partners Dennis Franks, Eddie Doidge and Jim Musser.

Marv’s second hole-in-one came just seven days later on July 10, four days before his 88th birthday.

Marv played only one round of golf between his exciting Wednesday rounds, which means he played exactly 36 holes between the hole-in-one shots. According to the National Hole-in-One Registry, the odds of an amateur golfer of making a hole-in-one is 12,500 to one.

Marv, who has been a Men’s Club member since 1996, said these were his second and third holes-in-one. His first came over 20 years ago on the same hole.