LED entry signs installed at east, north gates


On Feb. 5, the POA Board of Directors approved $74,360 from the Capital Improvement Fund 05-670 for the purchase of 11 LED entry/exit signs and the cost of permits, a network switch and installations. The first four signs, two at the east gate entry lane and two at the north gate entry lane, were installed the week of July 1.

The weatherproof signs are FCC compliant and come with a seven-year parts and on-site labor warranty.

In addition to the entry/exit signs, the banner stands at the main gate and east gate that are used by the POA and clubs to communicate upcoming events will be replaced with new, high resolution LED signs.

The entry and exit lane signs are single-faced and include wireless communications, Cloud-based software with programmable schedules, the capability of displaying text, animation and video, 160-degree viewing angle and adjustable brightness.