Funding approved for wave attenuation devices


The POA Board of Directors approved funding in the amount of $19,740 from the Capital Improvement Fund 05-670 for two 20-foot sections of wave attenuation devices for the main lake rental docks.

In early 2018, the POA finished 22 additional rental docks adjacent to the older rental docks near the lodge. These docks currently receive some wake action from the main lake 35 mph speed zone. The POA plans to combat the wave action with a wave attenuation system design to disperse the wave energy when it passes. These types of units are popular in lakes and make a “floating breakwater.”

The POA would eventually like to add 22 additional rental docks since the waiting list has nearly 300 residents waiting for a slip.

The wake system is a floating device with built in floatation and anchored to the lake bottom which is designed to provide major attenuation of wake caused by boats and wind. The system displaces wave energy both above and below the water surface.

The POA plans to do two test sections to make sure they will work before bringing the entire project to the board for approval. The cost of the total project, including the test sections, will be approximately $98,700 for 200 feet of wave attenuation for the main lake.