What all Canyon Lake golf cart operators should know


The Canyon Lake POA has established a set of rules for golf carts. Any operator of a golf cart must have a valid driver’s license in their possession at all times while operating the golf cart. The fine for violating this rule is $100.

All golf carts must be registered annually with the POA. The fine for driving an unregistered golf cart is $100. Only a member in “good standing” may register their golf cart. A valid Certificate of Liability coverage must be submitted at the time of registration which identifies the registering member as the policyholder. Members registering a golf cart must sign a Cart Operation, Registration, Indemnification and Release Agreement at the time of registration indemnifying the POA from any liability associated with or arising out of use of their cart.

Golf cart decals are issued based annually on a fiscal year basis. The decal must be placed on the front left corner of the golf cart.

The maximum speed limit for golf carts is 20 mph.

The number of persons riding in a golf cart is limited to the number of passenger seats. All persons in golf cart must remain seated and may not be carried or sit in the lap of another person while the vehicle is in motion. Members who violate this rule are subject to a $100 fine.

Golf carts being operated on Canyon Lake streets must carry a flag that extends above the top of the vehicle. The fine for violating this rule is $50.

All golf carts driven on Canyon Lake streets or common areas after sunset and/or before sunrise must be equipped with functioning headlights and taillights. Lights designed for off-road use (i.e. LED light bars, spotlights, floodlights, etc.) must be turned off while driving within the community.

The same Vehicle Code rules apply to golf cart use prohibiting driving under the influence of alcohol.

Golf carts are not permitted to tow or otherwise propel any bicycle, skateboard and/or any other device being ridden by another person.

A golf cart may pull a single-motorcycle-trailer designed and manufactured for that purpose and properly installed to the golf cart.

No golf cart shall be operated in a reckless manner while being operated within the boundaries of Canyon Lake. Members are subject to a $500 fine for reckless or negligent behavior.