CLCT cast gears up for ‘Beauty and the Beast’


Rehearsals are underway for Canyon Lake Community Theatre’s full-scale, Broadway-style musical production of “Beauty and the Beast.” The cast is comprised of more than 50 performers ranging in ages three to 75.

It has been six years since CLCT performed under the stars. The production is underway to bring the magic of this enchanting Broadway musical to the theatre under the stars on the stage at Indian beach on Aug. 22, 23, 24 and Aug. 29, 30, 31 at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, contact Ilene Moore at 909-239-1177.

The production is directed by Leslie Vecchione and choreographed by Stephanie Vecchione. The musical is directed by Ilene Moore.

The cast is as follows:

Belle, Makenna Diegleman and Krista McClean; Beast, Chris Vecchione; Gaston, Javon Jones; Le Fou, Jacob Weaver and Alyssa Frederick; Maurice, Bobby Swann and Joe Armato; Lumiere, Austin Otwell and Ryan Stetson; Mrs. Potts, Stephanie Vecchione and Victoria Diaz; Cogsworth, Courtney Swann and Emily Garvito; Chip, Abby Vecchione and Ella Gotoski; Babbette, Jade Wegener and Bella Rusin, Madame de la Grand Bouche, Maryanne Stevens and Audra Sinay; Msr. D’arque, Jeremy Swann and Carly Eizenwasser; Prince, Angelo Gibiliterra; Enchantress, CoCo Morrison; and Silly Girls, Carla de la Cruz, Frankie Montenegro, Natasha Perry, Fiona Gulati, Kiara Price and Alexa Jones.

The following young cast members will be featured in a special number just for them that will include solos (they are also in the whole show as townspeople and enchanted objects): Zoey Carroll, Brooke Plant, Carly Linderoth, Alena Roth, Jenna Humphrey, Adam Giddens, Tavin Vestal, Daisy Lyon, Ashlyn Devere, Samantha Triolo, Katie Brodeur, Alex Gulati, Aaliyah Robles, Aaliyah Lopez, Penelope Lansing, Alena Perigan and Della Perigan.

All ensemble is in all of the show as townspeople, enchanted objects, etc. There are several speaking/singing parts that will be assigned. Ensemble: Riley Walsh, Brooke Lyon, Jade Lyon, Helena Devere, Stellarose Gallardo, Juanita Robles, Michelle Swann and Rachael Finewood.

While all cast will dance, the following are the wolves, napkins and lead dancers in “Gaston”: Kiara Price, Jade Wegener, Sarri Staggs, Lexi Plashe, Sabre Cardoza and Bella Rusin.

Canyon Lake Community Theatre provides the community with access to the performing arts by providing a platform and showcase for local talent. The club engages and entertains the community by providing theatre experience for all ages, from all youth productions to musicals under the stars.