How to avoid delays at gate on 4th of July


The 4th of July is Canyon Lake’s biggest day when it comes to gate access and traffic. With thousands of guests entering on the 4th of July holiday, residents are urged to use the RFID lanes and have their guests use the e-pass service to help avoid delays and to speed up the flow of traffic at the gates.

Guests visiting Canyon Lake on the 4th of July may use any gate to access the community. The RFID lanes at the main and east gates will be open to residents with RFID transponders and vehicle decals. Both lanes at the north gate will be for both guests and residents.

Residents should remind their guests to have their driver’s license ready before approaching the gate and to know the address they are going to. This will help the guard verify their information quicker. Guests should arrive early to avoid delays.

Members can log into their dwellingLive account online or through the mobile app and email their guest a pass. Guests can print the pass ahead of time or the gate attendant can scan the pass on their smartphone. Guests are required to provide their driver’s license along with the pass. For guests who do not print the pass, the gate attendant will issue a parking pass, which the guest is required to display on the dashboard during their visit.

The POA will be heavily focused on managing guest access on the 4th of July. Community Patrol will have extra staff on hand at all three gates to help move the flow of traffic. All gates will have additional staff walking the line to assist guests with accessing the community.

For information, contact Member Services at 951-244-6841. The POA office will be closed on July 4. Regular business hours will resume on July 5.