Homeowners invited to RFID Workshop


The POA Board of Directors invites homeowners to attend an RFID Workshop on Wednesday, June 26, at 7 p.m. in the Holiday Bay Room at the lodge. The workshop will cover how RFID works and the benefits of this access option. It will also cover how RFID works for non-resident family members.

Homeowners are reminded to bring their Canyon Lake POA ID card to the meeting, it will be used to verify membership.

With an estimated 12,000 vehicles entering Canyon Lake’s three gates each day, the most efficient way for members to enter the community is with an RFID transponder affixed to their vehicle. The transponder allows vehicles to use the RFID lanes for quicker access.

RFID access benefits include precise tracking and control of community access, provides efficient and fast entry into the community, reduces human error associated with the visual inspection of decals, allows staff to focus more on verifying identities since there is no need to manually operate the gate and allows management to turn on and off access with the click of a button.

RFID eliminates costs associated with issuing annual vehicle decals and allows staffing levels to be adjusted on peak and non-peak hours.

RFID transponders are free for all members. To get a transponder, bring the vehicle and current vehicle registration to the POA office during regular business hours.

The POA Board of Directors recently approved a new option to allow up to three non-resident family members who visit frequently to get RFID transponders for a one-time fee of $20. The board approved the policy; however, the policy will not be implemented until the Family Vehicle Transponder Fee addition is approved. The board will be voting on this addition on July 8.

To take advantage of this new feature, the homeowner and the non-resident family members must visit the POA office together. Upon appropriate verification and payment, staff will issue a parking identification decal and affix the transponder to the vehicle.

Transponders will not be issued to contractors, service providers, or any vehicle that is registered to a company.