Registrations are due for boats and non-motorized watercraft


Boat and golf cart decals for last year’s fiscal year expired on Apr. 30. The grace period ended on June 1. Additionally, members are now required to register all-non motorized watercraft, such as kayaks and canoes. Paddleboards are exempt.

Boats sitting on or above the water that do not have the POA’s 2019-2020 registration decal displayed will be subject to a citation from Marine Patrol.

Golf carts driving in the community or attempting to enter the gates without a current registration decal will be subject to a citation from Community Patrol.

New this year, members are required to register non-motorized watercraft. There is a one-time $5 registration fee. The decal does not expire; however, the decal must be returned if the watercraft is sold or the membership expires. Unlike boats and golf carts, the POA does not require members to provide proof of insurance or obtain a safety inspection for non-motorized watercraft.