CL City Council holds special meeting, identifies 2019 goals


Pictured in front are Councilwoman Kasey Castillo and Councilman Jeremy Smith. Pictured in back, from left, are Councilman Randy Bonner, Mayor Larry Greene and Councilman Jordan Ehrenkranz. Photo provided by City of Canyon Lake

The Canyon Lake City Council held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, May 8 to discuss and adopt goals for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year. The purpose of the meeting was to clearly identify and adopt a list of agreed upon priorities for the year. The goals for consideration and adoption have been identified based on input from council members and staff.

Once adopted, these goals will help guide the Council and staff to ensure that time and other resources are allocated in a manner consistent with the Council’s shared vision for the City of Canyon Lake.

Moving forward, staff will schedule Goals Session Meetings closer to the beginning of each year. A matrix reviewing the status of the City Council’s current goals will be presented at each subsequent Goals Session Meeting as a way to track and measure progress.

City Council identify public safety as its number one goal. The following have been identified as potential goals for 2019 (listed in no particular order):

  1. Evaluate public safety contracts and identify cost saving alternatives and/or additional revenue streams.
  2. Update and modernize computers, phones, data storage and records retention.
  3. Complete adoption and implementation of updated fees.
  4. Adopt updated General Plan Housing Element.
  5. Review and consider revising standing committees.
  6. Continue fostering a positive relationship with the POA.
  7. Build positive relationships throughout the region.
  8. Implement Fire Code Enforcement Program.
  9. Establish an Internship Program.
  10. Bring on a consultant to track, research and apply for grants.
  11. Contract with a traffic engineer.
  12. Update Business License Program to include residential rentals and/or short term vacation rentals.
  13. General Plan update (SB 2 Funding).
  14. Consider moving City Council Chambers upstairs should the library relocate.
  15. Update inventory of city assets.
  16. Establish Filming Ordinance and pursue filming opportunities.

The City Council is the elected body of City Government, that consist of a five member, non-partisan board, elected at large from the citizens of Canyon Lake. They’re responsible for formulating the policies for the City and approving the major actions through which the municipal functions are conducted.