POA Board approves RFID transponders for family members


On Tuesday, the POA Board of Directors approved RFID transponders for non-resident family members of homeowners in an effort to cut down on the congestion at the gates and the wait times for family members, especially during the holidays.

A homeowner may authorize up to three vehicle RFID transponders to non-resident family members for community access. The homeowner and family member must complete the registration form, provide a valid vehicle registration and pay a one-time $20 fee per vehicle. A valid vehicle registration must be provided to the POA on an annual basis.

The transponder will remain active until revoked in writing by the homeowner and the parking decal returned. The POA maintains the right to revoke access for any reason, including violations of the Rules and Regulations, damage to POA property, or a change in policy as approved by the POA Board of Directors.
No refunds will be issued. Replacement transponders will be issued upon payment of the non-resident transponder fee.

Upon the sale of the property or termination of the transponder, the parking decal must be returned or an outstanding decal fee will apply.

The policy will go in effect after the 30-day reading for the proposed $20 fee is approved.