POA approves funds for north ski area upgrades


On May 7, the POA Board of Directors approved $36,810 plus a five percent contingency for improvements to the north ski area. Of that amount, $30,379.32 will come from the Repair and Replacement Fund and $6,430.68 will come from the Community Facilities Development Fund. The Ski Club donated $5,000 toward the project.

The POA plans to remove the concrete walkways leading to the main dock and the steep concrete path from the street to the dock. The project includes a new, more even pathway from the parking lot and a retaining wall extension for an added picnic area. Stairs with a railing will replace the steep pathway from the street. A 30-foot ramp with railings on both sides down to the main dock will replace the aging wooden ramp. The brick top and metal grills will be replaced on the built-in barbecue at a later date.

The project will work into the Community Parking Lot Project, which includes the north ski parking area.