When tempted to say, ‘My vote doesn’t matter’


Voting is a constitutional right, a civic duty and a privilege people have died fighting for and defending. Does every vote count? Can one vote really make a difference? Can one vote make or break an election?

The chances of losing an election by one vote are slim, but it does happen. Just ask 2015 POA Board of Directors candidate Paul Queen who lost the election to Ted Horton by just one single vote. Ted Horton received 518 votes, Paul received 517 votes.

According to HOA Elections, Inc., only 1,581 ballots were received from 4,620 eligible voters in the 2018 POA Board of Directors Election. More than 3,000 eligible voters did not exercise their right to vote. Some of those individuals may have felt that their vote didn’t actually have an impact on the big picture. The truth is, though, one individual can have the power to influence change.