Candidates questioned on a variety of topics


The Speak to the Candidates forum, held on Tuesday in the Holiday Bay Room at the lodge, provided an opportunity for residents to hear directly from the five POA Board of Directors candidates, Jeanne O’Dell, Tom Nathan, Chris Poland, Phil Hawgood and Mike Harris, on a variety of topics. Approximately 100 people attended the event.

The forum was broadcasted live on local cable access and on the POA’s website for those who could not attend in person.

Ron Martel served as the program chairman for the 27 clubs and organizations that sponsored the event. Riverside County 1st District Supervisor Kevin Jeffries and residents Joanna Spiller and Travis Montgomery served as forum moderators.

Valerie Montgomery and Joe Washle served as podium attendants and Jack Wamsley served as timekeeper.

Topics of discussion included the condition of the roads, lack of communication with the community about important projects and rule changes, dredging the lake, collaborating with the city, security issues, enforcement of rules and golf course membership.

Residents who missed the forum can view the video on the POA’s website at