Board approves funds for small dog park upgrades


The POA Board of Directors approved $43,123.41 for phase two of the small dog side of the dog park at East Port Park.

The dog park, installed in 2016, is separated into two sections with one section being for small dogs and the other for large dogs. Since then, the dog park has become popular and enjoyed by many dogs.

The POA plans to update the park to accommodate the heavy usage.
The plan is to add four more trees, an additional shade structure, a DG walking path lined by concrete mow curbing, adequate drainage so no standing water accumulates, 3,100 sq. ft. of commercial-grade, pet-rated artificial turf and three large mounds in the center and rear turf areas.

The POA said this project will be a test to see if the board would like to move forward with phase two of the large dog side of the dog park. At this time, only one additional shade structure will be added to the large dog side.

The total project cost is $42,123.41, with $31,775 coming from the Repair and Replacement Fund and $10,348.41 coming from the Capital Improvement Fund.