Attn Canyon Lake clubs: We want your news!


In this era of social media and informative websites, communication among club members is easier than ever. But club representatives should consider the importance of highlighting information and events in The Friday Flyer:

– There are many new residents who may not know about your club, what you do, and when and where you meet. You can advertise this information as often as you like free of charge in The Friday Flyer.

– Your news is what the community newspaper is all about. We don’t have the staff to attend every event, but we are more than happy to accept information and photos from your club and turn it into news. Help us help you!

The Friday Flyer keeps the history of Canyon Lake in its archives. When pictures of your event get printed in the newspaper, that event you worked so hard on stays in the records; It doesn’t just slip away in a Facebook newsfeed or defunct website. Think about it. Ten years from now, when your club members want to look up the club’s history, it’s right at their fingertips at Note: when searching archives, first type and then a space followed by the keyword or name.

Don’t let the activities you work so hard to put on fade away into history. Send news and photos to Editor Donna Ritchie at