Pickleball clubs hosts Valentine’s Tournament


The Pickleball Club held its 2nd annual Sweethearts vs. Singles Valentine’s Tournament on Feb 16. Twenty-four club members participated in the event that had married couples partnered with their spouses (sweethearts) playing against mixed doubles teams made up of individual club members rotating partners that did not have spouses at the tournament (singles).

The winners are as follows:


1st place: Mike and Marga Kidd

2nd place: Paul Hawker and Teresa Fidler

3rd place: Dave and Susan Pinard

Women’s Singles

1st place: Marilyn Stovall

2nd place: Kimberly Keigwin

3rd place: Char Mirich

Marilyn and Char were undefeated. The tiebreaker was decided by picking a number.

Men’s Singles

1st place: Steve Libring

2nd place: Evan Pinard

3rd place: Dave and Susan Pinard

To determine the overall winners for the day, the first place couple,  Mike and Marga Kidd, played against the first place male and female, Steve Libring and Marilyn Stovall. For the second consecutive year, the singles won the match. The winners were presented with gift cards.