Golfer makes two holes-in-one in same round


Anton shot eight under 46, braking the course record held by a touring professional who shot five under 40. Photo by Lezlie Riniti

What is the only thing better than golfing a hole-in-one with witnesses? Golfing two holes-in-one in the same round with witnesses. According to the National Hole-In-One Registry, the odds of an average amateur golfer making two holes-in-one in the same round is 67 million to one.

Anton at the 208 yard 14th hole when he made his second hole-in-one of the round. Photo by Lezlie Riniti

On Jan. 24, local magician Anton Riniti and his wife Lezlie celebrated Anton’s 50th birthday in Cancun, Mexico. The member-only Riviera Maya Golf Course at the Vidanta Resort features a challenging golf course known as “The Nicklaus Par Three Experience.” “Carved out of the jungles of Cancun, this is not your normal par 3 pitch and putt course,” said Anton. “It’s known for five island greens that are all over 200 yards and the heart-stopping 13th hole, a 276-yard par 3.”

Anton had the first tee time and played with Manny Valdez, the house professional. Playing from the tips on the 226 yard 4th hole, Anton hit a high draw with a 5 wood over the blue-green water and made a hole-in-one.

About an hour later on the treacherous and majestic 208 yard 14th hole, Anton hit a 4 hybrid over the crocodile infested waters. The ball took one bounce off the red flagstick and dropped into the hole for a second hole-in-one.

Golf Professional Manny Valdez, left, presents Anton with the 4th hole blue flag and 14th hole red flag. Photo by Lezlie Riniti

Anton complemented the round with five additional birdies, including two chip-ins. Facing the final island green, the 211 yard 18th hole, Anton decided not to play safe and fired at the flag. His ball overdrew and he ended up at the bottom of the lagoon.

Not to be discouraged, Anton had the final laugh as he hit his penalty shot to three feet from the pin and rolled in his putt for his lone bogey of the day.

Anton, who shot eight under 46, broke the course record held by a touring professional who shot five under 40. As a souvenir, Anton was given the 4th hole blue flag and 14th hole red flag. They kept the scorecard and his glove, which will be displayed at the pro shop for all to see.

Just enjoying the magnificence and beauty of the golf course, Anton had absolutely no idea what his score was. “I just wanted to enjoy the moment of where I was playing. The other guys had fascinating stories to tell, so I was just entrenched in the day and was obviously super excited about the first hole-in-one, let alone the second one.”

Although he had golfed a few times as a teenager, Anton did not take up the game of golf until his 40th birthday. “I have regularly been getting golf lessons from Canyon Lake Golf Pro Pat Kemball, who is an amazing instructor,” said Anton. “He videotapes all of our lessons and is incredibly patient. Without Pat’s help, I would still be making the same rudimentary mistakes that most novice players experience.”

As an extra bonus, Vidanta gave Anton five certificates to distribute to the community for anyone who would like a week invitation to golf at one of the six Vidanta Resorts throughout Mexico. Each course features a professional golf course. Anyone who would like to use one of the certificates is asked to contact Anton directly at or text him at 909-559-0735.