Resident warns of coyote attacks on pets


Jim Dieringer, pictured with his dog Sophie, has been traumatized and depressed since a coyote snatch his dog from his patio last week. Photo provided by Jim Dieringer

Canyon Lake resident Jim Dieringer wants to warn the community about coyote attacks on pets. Jim’s dog, a 15-pound poodle named Sophie, was snatched by a coyote from Jim’s patio around midnight on Jan. 2. Jim, who lives on the golf course near hole 2, was standing approximately five feet away when the coyote attacked.

“I saw the coyote approach and I started yelling to scare the coyote and get Sophie’s attention, but it didn’t deter the coyote,” Jim explained. “The coyote grabbed her by the neck and took off running on the golf course. I heard Sophie yelp twice and then she was gone.”

Jim ran after the coyote but could not catch it. Jim and his neighbor, Russell Strange, searched the golf course for Sophie but were unable to locate her.

Jim said he was surprised at the aggressiveness of the coyote. “He was quick and determined,” he said.

The incident has left Jim traumatized. “I’ve been depressed since she has been gone,” Jim said.

Jim adopted Sophie after his wife passed away in 2013. Sophie was a certified emotional support service dog and helped Jim to cope with the loss of his wife. “I have grown extremely fond of her, she went everywhere with me,” he said.

Jim is asking for the community to keep a look out for Sophie’s red wool sweater and dog tags. “Having those items back would mean so much to me,” he said. Anyone who finds these items is asked to contact Jim at 951-805-7993.