Board meets to discuss policies affecting clubs


The POA Board of Directors held a Regular Session Meeting on Tuesday from 12:30 to 2 p.m. The meeting was billed as a workshop for board members to discuss issues regarding facility and common use area policies that affect clubs and their practices and the arising regulations that could affect the way clubs are organized and managed.

The meeting took place in the POA conference room with seats for 24 members. There were significantly more attendees than spaces to sit, so the crowd agreed to allow a representative from each club, which left dozens of homeowners in the hallway and out the door into the parking lot.

President Mike Harris opened the meeting with brief remarks.  Director Welty stated that the community was being pressured from outside organizations such as state and county government, police and fire regulations, legal issues and insurance.

Director Nathan remarked that some POA policies in regulations for clubs going back decades were not being enforced and some clubs were asking for reservations of amenities that are not reservable. He said that legal and insurance issues were coming up that would force the board to enforce some of these policies.

President Harris then opened up the meeting to hear from the clubs. Ron Martel representing the Fine Arts Guild spoke about the confusion created by so little information disseminated by the POA while at least one board member was speaking at length about the agenda.

He suggested that since the clubs would be the ones most affected by such changes, a representative from each organization should have some input in the solution alternatives.

Although the board provided random examples of the issues, they seemed to have no specific list of concerns or solutions. Therefore, no one in the audience knew what which specific problems the board was alluding to. Club representative asked for clarification of the “problems.”

Russ Smith of the Car Club and Car Show stated that the Car Club is a 501(c)(3) with obligations to charities and how its revenue is disbursed.

Jack Wamsley expressed frustration that the conference room was too small for the meeting and asked for the meeting to be moved to the lodge.

General Manager, Erik Kazakoff explained that the workshop was intended
for POA Board members to discuss the “problems.” Jack insisted that although there would be no voting at this session, these issues would be of great interest to almost any active club member.

President Harris then changed the order of the agenda to board comments. Director Nathan gave some examples of events where the board had to decide between the rights of clubs and the rights of individual members. Cancellation of the annual pool event for the Travel Club’s dinner dance was discussed specifically, as the pool is not technically a reservable amenity.

There is no clear determination as to whether a couple of individual homeowners could preempt the Travel Club, even if most, if not all, of the one hundred attendees at the dinner dance would be POA homeowners.

Another example was the Woman’s Club meeting where vendors are selling their wares on POA property. Should the board be given a list of the vendors to check if they have city business licenses and are without legal misconduct? And, if fundraising is collected on POA premises should the POA have a say in how the proceeds are spent?

Director Nathan also expressed concern about the Jr. Women’s Club inviting guests from outside the community to its Rocktoberfest at Holiday Harbor where alcohol is sold. The issue of liability was discussed.

There are many examples that will need to be examined case by case. Director Barringham expressed the opinion that policies will need to be studied and the new requirements of legal and insurance rules and laws will need to be incorporated into POA policy.

The club representatives seemed agreeable to help work these issues out but were concerned that the new policies might not allow them to continue fundraising for charitable causes in the same manner.

The discussion was continued in the evening at the Regular Session Board Meeting at the lodge at 6 p.m. Jack Wamsley and Joe Washle both spoke to the board on this topic. Both reiterated the high degree of interest from the community and expressed a strong desire for club participation in the solution development.