Clubs collect donations for Salvation Army


Photo provided by Vicki Warren

The Canyon Lake Travel Club and Woman’s Club joined together for the opportunity to raise money for the Salvation Army. Volunteers from both clubs collect donations in the red kettle for six days in front of Pack, Wrap and Post in the Canyon Lake Towne Center.

According to Fred Folden of the Salvation Army’s Murrieta headquarters, a total of $1,328.54 was collected. The donations will be used to help those in need locally.

Marlene Cathro, a member of both clubs, organized the schedule of volunteers that included Vicki Warren, Karen Bevans, Jan May and her husband Bob Templeton, Alexis Prince, Kathy Wood, Dorothy Washle, Delores Weinberger, Joanie and Bob Sundstrom, Marlene Cathro, Linda and Haley Kielty, Tammy Revard, Kathy Bacon, Barbara Horrigan, Nyla Finch, Suzanne Tieche and Regan Presley.

The clubs came up with the idea after hearing two Salvation Army representatives speak at the Woman’s Club meeting in October. Members were so impressed with the speakers and the work of the organization that they decided to put together a crew of volunteers from both clubs to help raise donations.

The clubs would like to thank Debby Gagnon of Pack Wrap and Post for allowing the volunteers to collect donations in front of her store and for storing the equipment each night.