City to increase business license fees Jan. 1


After 10 years without any fee adjustments or increases to business licenses, the city has officially moved to adopt a new fee schedule for 2019. Beginning Jan. 1, the business license fees will increase from $44 to $130.

Business owners who do not renew their business licenses before Jan. 1 will pay the new fee of $126 plus $4 (SB 1186), for a total of $130. The associate fee for professionals separately licensed by the state is now $32 per person operating under your business umbrella.

New business license fees for 2019 are $157 plus $4 (SB 1186), for a total of $161. If your new business has professional associates, the fee is $32 per professionally licensed person operating under your business umbrella.

The Business License tax covers the calendar year, Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

Operating a business in the City of Canyon Lake requires the payment of a Business License Tax and compliance with the city’s Municipal Code, including the Zoning Code and the city’s Sign Ordinance.  In addition, to conduct a business from your home requires you meet certain eligibility requirements and obtain a Home Occupation Permit.

Once approved, a home occupation permit is valid for the approved business as long as it remains at the permitted address. The Home Occupation Permit Application form includes the applicable regulations. Completed application(s) may be submitted, along with the appropriate tax and/or fee, to the City of Canyon Lake either by mail or in person.

Certificates are not issued at the time of application. The process for license approval includes:

Confirming the business and location are consistent with city zoning and, if applicable, an attached home occupation permit application;

Review of the application and fees paid and;

Issuance of the Business Tax Certificate.

Approved certificates are mailed to the business owner within two weeks from receipt.

While obtaining a Business Tax Certificate is required to operate a business in the city, it does not permit a business otherwise prohibited. The use of the term “License” when describing the business license program is not an authorization to operate the business or an indication that the business is regulated by the city. Possession of the Business Tax Certificate is proof that the appropriate Business License Tax has been paid and that the business has agreed to operate lawfully.

Fines for operating a business without a business license are incremental in the amounts of $100, $200 and $500.

If you are no longer conducting business within the city, you are still required to notify the city that the business has been discontinued. Those who do not notify the city may receive an administration citation.

One other fee increase to note is the Special Event Permit. The new fee for the Special Event Permit is $84. Special Event Permits are processed through the city and are required to be submitted 28 days before the special event takes place.

For more information, contact City Hall at 951-244-2955.