Keep your pets safe during the holiday season


With the holidays fast approaching, there will be family visits, family feasts and fun-filled activities, all of which can cause your pet stress.

Here are some tips for keeping your furry friends jolly and safe during the holiday season:

Limit Goodies

We tend to want to give our animals special treats during the holidays. Be aware though that human food is very high in fat and sugar. Seasonings in food also can make pets sick. In our home, we like to give our dogs bones from steak or prime rib. Small bones and bone chips can become lodged in your pet’s throat, stomach, or intestinal tract. This can result in quite a scare and an expensive vet bill. If you really want to give your pet a special meat treat it is best to give a piece of lean, well-cooked meat with no bones.

Make sure your guests know the rules. Politely request that your guests don’t feed table scraps to your pets.


Trying to stay warm takes up a lot of your pet’s energy. Always make sure there is plenty of fresh water available to them.


Trees, decorations and presents can make a pet curious. Trees should be secured. How many of us have woken up to an overturned tree compliments of fluffy? Cats love to climb up in the tree and knock it over. Fallen pine needles should be cleaned up regularly. Pine needles are sharp and can puncture your pet’s intestines if they are ingested. Certain types of mistletoe and holly can be poisonous to pets. Keep all breakable ornaments, tinsel, dreidels and the like away from your pet. Pets tend to see most things as a treat or a toy.


Make sure your pet is tagged and microchipped. With many visitors during the holidays, doors can get accidentally left open. Your pet should have a collar with an up-to-date ID tag on at all times. Ideally, you want your pet microchipped with your current contact information in case they get out.

Alone Time

With the added stress of the holidays, extra people and change in the daily schedules, pets may become stressed. Find or create a quiet place in your home where your pet can relax with blankets, fresh water and toys.

Keeping Warm

If you have a small short haired dog, they may get cold on winter walks. Consider a sweater to help them stay warm.


Delicious smelling candles can attract your pet’s attention. Always place candles out of reach or opt for flameless or LED candles.

Happy Holidays!


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