Children invited to send wish lists to Santa


Children who submit a letter to Santa in care of the Family Matters Club by Dec. 15 will receive a custom letter and special reindeer treat back. Photo provided by Shawna Bowen

The Family Matter Club is hosting its 5th annual Santa Letter event beginning Dec. 1. The club invites children under the age of 18 to submit a letter and their wish list to Santa in care of the club. Each child who submits a letter will receive a custom letter back from Santa and a special reindeer treat to leave out on Christmas Eve. Mail letter to 29873 Mayflower Dr., Canyon Lake, CA, 92587 or drop off on the doorstep. Be sure to include a return address. All letters must be received by Dec. 15.

“We will try our best to fulfill an item wish on the list; however, sometimes Santa cannot make some of the items. In that case, we will choose something age appropriate for the child,” said Shawna Bowen of the Family Matters Club.

Letters to Santa are being accepted from all children; however, the club will only be delivering gifts to children who live in Canyon Lake.

The Family Matters Club is open to all residents, young and old, kids or no kids. The club puts on several events throughout the year to benefit the community and raise funds for philanthropic donations.

Events are free or low-cost to attend. The club offers many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. For more information, call 714-394-4885 or email