Warren bids farewell, reflects on term as mayor


Canyon Lake will have a new City Council and mayor following the election on Tuesday. In Canyon Lake, the citizens elect the five council members; however, it is the elected council members, not the citizens, who appoint the mayor. Similar to other small cities in Riverside County, Canyon Lake rotates the mayoral position on an annual rotational basis.

In 2017, the council appointed Vicki Warren to serve as mayor. As Mayor Warren serves out her final days, she bids farewell and reflects back on her year serving Canyon Lake and its citizens.

“It has been quite a year so far,” said Mayor Warren. “The responsibilities that come with the title of mayor are largely administrative. The mayor conducts the City Council meetings, signs official city documents and attends many additional meetings on behalf of the city. Important duties to be sure but to my pleasant surprise, the role can be enjoyable as well.”

Mayor Warren said that one of the best “perks” of being mayor is the distinct pleasure of attending the monthly Student of the Month award luncheons honoring some amazing students and their families, many of whom live right here in Canyon Lake.

“These fine young people, the best of the best, share their inspirational stories with their fellow honorees, proud parents and local civic leaders,” said Mayor Warren. “They give us great hope for the future of our country and participating is absolutely enjoyable.”

The mayor said she enjoyed the “fun part” of being Canyon Lake’s mayor but has enjoyed getting down to the work of the city even more so.

“Over the course of 2018, exerted efforts were made to elevate Canyon Lake’s position with surrounding leaders and to promote our city. Canyon Lake is an amazing place but no city is an island unto itself and we can accomplish so much more when we work with our peers. In 2018, we worked very hard to seize every opportunity to claim a place at the tables already occupied by our neighboring leaders. There is a saying: If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.

“We worked hard to find common ground, develop partnerships and cement strong relationships with the others at the table. These extraordinary efforts have paid off and Canyon Lake is no longer on anyone’s menu.

“Canyon Lake has many working families who face a horrible commute every day, whether traveling as close as Temecula or as far away as Los Angeles. In 2018, Canyon Lake stepped up to the plate and joined a committee that was formed to address congestion on our local freeways and thoroughfares. The ‘Move the I-15’ committee is comprised of city and stakeholder leaders from Corona to San Diego, dedicated to solving the crisis. Working with our neighbors, we will find solutions.”

In September, Canyon Lake took a seat at a table in Washinton, D.C. when Mayor Warren was invited to attend the Women Mayors of America Conference.

“It was quite an honor and a very busy few days full of presentations and introductions to staff members who are focused on assisting local governments to succeed,” said Mayor Warren. “I seized this first-ever opportunity to introduce them to Canyon Lake’s unique issues and as a result, I was assured that Canyon Lake has a friend in D.C. We are currently actively pursuing funding and other assistance options available to us.

“In 2018, we also greatly increased discussions with the Bureau of Land Management about their desire to sell off parcels of land that are being made available to Canyon Lake. Whether that land is used for a trail system, homes or commercial development remains to be decided but this has been a project in the making for a very long time and it is exciting to know that it is coming to fruition.

“It has been my pleasure to serve as your mayor. I look forward to finishing this term, to the hard work ahead and to whatever challenges may come in 2019. Whatever they are, Canyon Lake will prevail!”