Residents invited to bid farewell to Nancy Horton


Former Canyon Lake Mayor and current EVMWD District 1 Board Director Nancy Horton is retiring and not running for re-election. Her final EVMWD Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, Nov. 8, at 4 p.m. at 31315 Chaney St., Lake Elsinore.

Canyon Lake and Quail Valley residents are invited to attend Nancy’s final meeting to bid her farewell and thank her for all the work she has done for the communities she serves. Canyon Lake Mayor Vicki Warren, Menifee District 2 Councilman Matt Liesemeyer and members of the Quail Valley Environmental Coalition will be in attendance.

In April 2009, the first meeting of what would become the Quail Valley Environmental Coalition was held. Nancy, with the help of the Santa Ana Water Project Authority and other founding members that include former EVMWD Board Member Ben Wicke and former Menifee Councilman Scott Mann built the Quail Valley Environmental Coalition to help the disadvantaged community of Quail Valley end the 2006 moratorium on building, achieve public health and environmental justice by advocating for a sewer system in Quail Valley and assure freedom from bacterial contamination in Canyon Lake, a drinking water reservoir.

Slowly, the QVEC built trust with residents and supported the efforts of EMWD to get funding for the project. Through tough years during the recession, frustration grew but EMWD obtained a planning grant, then a design grant, then a construction grant and finally the sewer system is in the final stages of being built. By February 2019, Phase One of Area 9 will be complete, and 160 houses and 50 vacant lots will be connected to EMWD’s sewer system.  The old septic tanks are being abandoned.  In the winter of 2018-2019, a reduction in bacterial contamination in Canyon Lake will be achieved from that particular source.  EMWD is already working to plan sewering for Area 4.