Letters: Canyon Lake Community Theatre


Editor, The Friday Flyer

On Sunday, Oct. 21, at the lodge, the Canyon Lake Community Theatre  Performing Arts Association had its Benefactor Dinner Show. There also was a fundraiser from raffles for Ilene Moore, one of the directors on the board who has given the children of Canyon Lake the ability to show their talent in fields of voice, dance, acting, sounds and lighting and more. She is battling cancer and our prayers are with her.

Leslie Vecchione was the director with the help of Stephane Vecchione. I was invited to be part of this show. I was so delighted to be asked to be part of the performers. The name of the show was “Once Upon a Time.”

I want to thank Leslie and most of all the cast, which was mainly young children, teens and a few of the older past board of directors members. I also want to thank the parents of the children and teens who were performers. Your children made such an impression on me with all the help they gave me. I was the senior and the respect I received was so overwhelming. Thank you, all. God bless.

Rosalie Perrotte