Residents come together for neighborhood meeting


Twenty-five neighbors who reside on Gray Fox Dr. gathered at the home of John and Sheryl Lewis for an informal Neighborhood Watch meeting on the morning of Oct. 13. John and Sheryl serve as the neighborhood block captains for residents who live on Gray Fox Dr. between Blue Bird Dr. and Sparrow Hawk Dr. They host two to four meetings per year.

The guest speakers were Mayor Pro Tem Larry Greene and his wife Sparrow, who serve on the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Larry and Sparrow spoke to the group on the topics of CPR and how to stop bleeding. They also demonstrated how to use an automated external defibrillator.

The next Neighborhood Watch meeting for Gray Fox Dr. neighbors will be held on the morning of Dec. 8. Crime and safety will be the topic of the next meeting. For more information, contact John Lewis at

The National Neighborhood Watch Program is based on the premise that one of the best crime prevention tools is a good neighbor. When neighbors know and trust each other they can work together and in partnership with law enforcement to create an effective crime-fighting team. Neighborhood Watch fights the isolation that crime can feed upon.

How successful a Neighborhood Watch group is depends on the block captains and the support they receive from their neighbors. While some Neighborhood Watch groups flourish, others dwindle or disappear altogether.

The key person in any Neighborhood Watch group is the block captain. This person is an integral component to keeping the block actively involved in crime prevention efforts, as well as the important process of information exchange between neighbors.

As block captains, John and Sheryl facilitate the unity of the group, distribute information, host social gatherings and provide their neighbors with information on ways to protect themselves and each other.

John and Sheryl have been serving as the block captains for Gray Fox Dr. for the past four years. Since then, they have made every effort to see that their Neighborhood Watch group flourishes.