Canyon Lake golfer makes hole-in-one


Canyon Lake resident Clive Taylor stands next to hole 3 where he made a hole-in-one. Photo provided by Clive Taylor

Golfing a hole-in-one is never an easy feat for any golfer. According to the National Hole-in-One Registry, the odds of an average amateur golfer making a hole-in-one are roughly 12,000 to one.

Canyon Lake resident Clive Taylor achieved this feat last month while golfing with fellow Canyon Lakers Randy Schutz and Ted Russelle at the Journey at Pechanga Golf Course in Temecula. Using his 9 iron, Clive made the shot on hole 3 from 135 yards.

Journey at Pechanga honored Clive by presenting him with a plaque and engraving his name on the plaque that hangs on the wall at the Pro Shop.

This was Clive’s was first time golfing at the Journey at Pechanga and his third hole-in-one.

Clive is a member of the Canyon Lake Men’s Golf Club and CLAMS. He plays golf at least five times a week.