Sheriff’s Department offers tips for keeping kids safe on Halloween


The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department recommends that children wear comfortable shoes and non-flammable costumes for Halloween. Photo by Donna Ritchie.

It’s that time of year again when the ghosts, ghoul and superheroes come out and enjoy the Halloween spirit. Children are preparing to dress up as their favorite characters and walk the neighborhood looking to score a bag full of treats. With that in mind, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department offers the following safety tips to keep Halloween safe for kids as they begin their trick-or-treating adventure.


Make sure your children’s costumes are not flammable.

Do not permit your children to use cumbersome, floor length or vision-impairing costumes.

In lieu of masks, face makeup is recommended.

Wear comfortable and safe shoes.

Passing Out Candy

Welcome trick-or-treaters with your porch lights and any exterior lights on.

Keep dogs and other pets away from doors so children will not become frightened or injured.

Do not give homemade or uwrapped treats to children.

Report any suspicious or criminal activity to law enforcement immediately.


Never trick-or-treat alone.

Visit homes that are well lit and never go inside a stranger’s house.

Look in all directions before crossing the street. Cross only at street corners, never between parked cars and never diagonally across an intersection.

Do not accept rides from strangers.

Do not take shortcuts through backyards, alleys, or parks.

Do not eat candy that has not been inspected by a parent/guardian.

Never accept food or drinks from strangers.

Carry a flashlight and use it so drivers can see you and you can see hazards in the street as well as other people.


Do not let children eat any homemade treats or unpackaged foods.

Make sure all candy is tightly wrapped, look for pin holes, discoloring and opened packaging prior to your children eating any of the items.


Exercise extreme caution when driving a vehicle. Be on the alert for excited children, whose vision may be obscured by masks, darting out into traffic.

Motorists should avoid all unnecessary travel on Halloween evening, and when driving they should drive slowly and be alert.

Many accidents occur when motorists are backing vehicles out of driveways, unaware of the presence of small children.