Group Six mailbox replacement starts Oct. 22


The POA is in the process of replacing mailbox clusters throughout the community with more secure and aesthetically pleasing cluster box units (CBUs). The old mailboxes have exceeded their serviceable lifespan to the point where replacement parts are no longer available.

The existing free-standing pedestal-style cluster mailbox units and parcel mailboxes will be replaced with front-loading CBUs that combine both mailboxes and parcel boxes. The new CBUs are made of heavy-duty aluminum with stainless steel hardware, making them more secure than the existing mailboxes.

New mailboxes will be installed at a total of 96 locations throughout the community. For installation, these locations are being split into 10 groups.

Installation of Group Six mailboxes starts Monday, Oct. 22, and is anticipated to be completed by Friday, Oct. 26. Mail will cease at Group Six locations on Friday, Oct. 19. Residents will need to retrieve mail from their existing mailboxes before this date.

The following locations are part of Group Six and will be affected:

30520 Golden Gate Dr.

23137 Burning Tree Dr.

23620 Blue Bird Dr.

23240 Blue Bird Dr.

30524 Sparrow Hawk Dr.

30457 Meadow Lark Dr.

22901 Gray Fox Dr.

22700 Gray Fox Dr.

22917 Canyon Lake Dr. South

30539 Calcutta Dr.

Mail for these locations will be held by USPS Sun City Post Office, 29700 Haun Rd., Menifee. Once the new mailboxes are installed, mail will resume and all “hold mail” will be delivered by the postal carrier to the new mailboxes. Normal mail delivery at these locations will resume on or before Friday, Oct. 26.

Starting Oct. 22, Group Six may pick-up their new mailbox keys at the POA’s Operations office, 29081 Longhorn Dr., Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. New mailbox keys will only be provided to the homeowner, valid tenant, or property manager. The individual must provide proper identification and complete a Mailbox Key Release Agreement.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for the Informed Delivery service offered by USPS. This free service allows residents to digitally preview their mail as it arrives. For more information, visit

At the February Regular Session Board Meeting, the POA Board of Directors approved $390,182.03, plus 2.5 percent contingency, to replace the aging mailbox clusters throughout the community. The entire project is anticipated to be completed by April 2019.