Letter: EVMWD Water Purchase


Editor, The Friday Flyer

Based upon a press release from EVMWD, The Friday Flyer recently published an article titled “ EVMWD to import water to Canyon Lake.” In that EVMWD press release, the size of the Canyon Lake Reservoir was erroneously stated to be 38 acres and the amount of water to be purchased would be 1800 acre-feet. Our reservoir is actually 387 acres and, based upon that acreage, we could expect a rise in the lake level of only about 4.7 feet (1800 acre-feet divided by 387 acres ).

It is also estimated that about 30 percent of the water will be lost to such factors as evaporation of the water on its way to Canyon Lake. This could result in an actual rise in lake level of only about 3.3 feet. Although the announcement of the water purchase may have initially sounded encouraging to us Canyon Lakers, it really won’t do much to ease our situation. Better pray for rain.

Dave Harrigan