City answers questions about Measure S


The Public Safety and Local Control continuation Measure S will appear on the November ballot. The City of Canyon Lake has prepared the following informational Frequently Asked Questions about Measure S as part of its efforts to keep residents informed. The city does not advocate a yes or no vote on this measure.

Q: What is The Public Safety and Local Control Continuation Measure S?

A: The Public Safety and Local Control Continuation Measure S is the City’s UUT Renewal Measure which was unanimously placed on the November ballot by the Canyon Lake City Council for voter consideration. If renewed, the Measure would continue existing, voter-approved funding, without raising tax rates, for essential public safety services, maintaining local control and keeping City spending transparent.

Q: Why was Measure S placed on the ballot? 

A: If renewed, Measure S would maintain funding for quality of life and essential public safety services including life safety services, emergency response times, keeping the Canyon Lake Fire Station open and preventing cuts to firefighters, paramedics and sheriff’s deputies. Existing, voter-approved funding helped to re-open (and now keeps open) the fire station that is vital to quality of life and safety.

Q: Is Measure S fiscally accountable?

A: Yes. Measure S will continue to require independent annual audits that keep City spending transparent and ensure funds are spent effectively and efficiently.

Q: Does Measure S maintain local control?

A: Yes. By law, no Measure S funding can be taken by the state. All funds are required to be spent on voter-approved local uses.

Q: What does Measure S cost?

A: Measure S simply continues the existing, voter-approved utility users tax rate of 3.95 percent with no increase in tax rate, so there is no increase in cost.

Q: When is Measure S on the ballot?

A: November 6, 2018.

Q: Why is Measure S on the ballot now?

A: Fiscal responsibility and proper planning. Placing it on the 2019 ballot for voter consideration would require a special election costing the taxpayers additional money; waiting to place it before the citizens with only one month before it ends is not prudent. Putting it before the citizens now, in 2018, is efficient and cost-effective.

Q: How can I find out more factual information about Measure S?

A: For more information about Measure S, visit the city’s website at