Near and Far: Canyon Lake couples meet up in Nova Scotia


Mickey and Penney Owens traveled to Nova Scotia to visit their good friends Jerry and Judy Swift, also from Canyon Lake. Judy, originally from the area, still owns her family’s beach cottage in Bayswater, Nova Scotia. Mickey and Penney arrived in Bayswater on Tuesday, Aug. 14, and spent two days with Jerry and Judy before traveling to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island in Canada for two days of sightseeing, including visiting the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. 

After leaving Cape Breton, the couple stopped for a brief visit to Pictou, Nova Scotia, where they toured the replica of the Hector. “It was on the Hector that the first Scotsmen, women and children arrived in 1754,” said Penney. “The trip took three-and-a-half months, one month longer than expected due to a severe storm they encountered just as they were approaching Newfoundland. The storm blew them back a full two weeks of travel time. Nineteen persons, mostly children died during the passage.”
The Owens traveled on to Prince Edward Island, where “Anne of Green Gables” was inspired. They spent two days traveling all over the island for an overdose of quaint beauty. On Monday, Aug. 20, they met back up with Judy and Jerry for a tour of Peggy’s Cove and Halifax in Nova Scotia. They returned home to Canyon Lake on Aug. 24 with memories to last a lifetime.