Four residents announce candidacy


Four Canyon Lake residents announced their candidacy to run for Canyon Lake City Council: Kasey Castillo, incumbent Dawn Haggerty, incumbent Vicki Warren and Jeremy Smith.

In the weeks leading up to the November election, The Friday Flyer will feature a series of questions addressed to the candidates, providing voters an opportunity to learn more about each candidate and what they hope to accomplish if elected to serve a four-year term on city council.

This week, The Friday Flyer features the candidates’ public statements, in their own words. The candidates are in order as they appear on the ballot.

Kasey Castillo

Kasey Castillo

“Fresh perspective. It’s what I bring, along with ability, enthusiasm and commitment to moving Canyon Lake forward. I believe that true leadership requires engagement, making educated and thoughtful decisions and representation of the entire community.

“I have lived in Canyon Lake since 2012 with my family. I have enjoyed actively contributing to the community by way of the Junior Women’s Club, where I currently serve as secretary, and as a member of the Woman’s Club.

“I have a passion for public service. I am a founder and the current president of the Inland Empire Blue Belles, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of Inland Empire law enforcement. Formerly a prosecutor, my law practice now represents primarily first responders. I share concerns about our city’s public safety and I believe my knowledge and experience in government and public safety law will be well-implemented. You can view my professional bio at

“As an attorney, I consider “the solution” the goal. I view this position similarly. As a small business owner, I know that a city’s support is imperative. As a resident, I want Canyon Lake to flourish. I am your candidate. Kasey Castillo for city council.”

Dawn Haggerty

Dawn Haggerty

“I am currently serving my fourth year on the Canyon Lake City council after serving six years on the POA Board. I have been involved with Canyon Lake politics for 25 years.

“I have a double degree in psychology/sociology and education/English literature. My career included manager of a big eight accounting firm’s consulting practice and later a self-employed consultant to Fortune 500 and major companies, regarding human resources and business process. I retired in 1995.

“My husband and I had four girls and two step-sons and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“While on the Canyon Lake POA Board, I helped expose prior corruption in POA management and streamlined and reduced overall operation costs by over $1 million, giving back a onetime check to each homeowner. Other accomplishments include establishing term limits, updating the Rules and Regulations and CC&Rs.

“When elected to the city council, my goal was reducing costs by creating our own fire and police departments. Finally, after three years, reducing the unsustainable costs of county fire and police and improving service is close to happening. I hope to be involved in making it happen this coming year, which will help the city become even stronger financially. I appreciate your vote.”

Vicki Warren

Vicki Warren

“The City of Canyon Lake is truly a little bit of paradise. Through strong leadership, dedication and clear thinking I will continue to fight to preserve and defend this city, to help it prosper and to protect its citizens.

“As it was back in 2014, I am still not a “professional politician.” I am a real person and I believe in complete transparency in government.

“Protecting Canyon Lake continues to be my goal and I gladly renew my dedication to this city and its people. I am eager to continue the fight for our lifestyle, our homes, our safety and the future of Canyon Lake.

“I am humbled to be given another opportunity to offer my passion, integrity, knowledge and strength in this fight for our little bit of paradise. It has been and honor to serve the city since 2014 and I would deeply appreciate your continued support by re-electing me to the Canyon Lake City Council.”

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

“I’m running for city council because Canyon Lake is one of the best communities in California and I want to keep it that way. My wife Elissa and I couldn’t think of a better place than Canyon Lake to raise our beautiful daughter Kennedy. My family and community are incredibly important to me and I want Canyon Lake to remain a safe, fun and prosperous city.

“I was born in Riverside County, attended local schools, started my small business here and graduated with a master’s degree from California Baptist University.

“As a business owner, I understand the budget challenges our city faces. My education and experience in communications and public policy have prepared me for the responsibility of representing you on our city council.

“As your next councilman, I will focus on ensuring public safety remains our number one priority, providing all residents with exceptional city services, maintaining a balanced budget and reserve fund, increasing community engagement and transparency, making sure our children are safe and keeping local control.

“I have earned support from members of our city council, business owners, public safety personnel and our neighbors. I truly care about our community and I would be honored to earn your vote.”