Letter: Wake Enhancement Devices


Editor, The Friday Flyer

At the June Rules and Regulations Meeting, the proposed rule change was discussed at great length by a cross-section of volunteer community members of the committee. Our General Manager Eric Kazakoff was also present. After a lengthy discussion, the committee and Eric made a recommendation which they felt best served the most property owners. Board Director Tom Nathan, liaison of the committee and Ski Club president, did not present the committee’s recommendation to the POA Board of Directors. Instead, Tom presented his altered recommendation to the board he serves on for a 30 day reading.

The original proposal allowed wake enhancing devices used in the entire north lake. Tom’s version cuts the limited area in two, allowing for use of wake enhancing device north of the slalom course.

In recent history, Tom presented a list of rules for the north ski area that the Rules and Regulations Committee did not agree with. Tom is clearly using his position on the board to try to govern the north lake in favor of his own wants and needs. The San Jacinto River we refer to the north lake is a common area of our POA. Slalom skiing has priority on the POA slalom course per current rules. This proposed rule has no impact on that. This is a prime area to enjoy many water sports, such as wake surfing and wakeboarding where wake enhancement devices are often used. Property owners voiced their frustrations about the unfair usage of this area at the Apr. 3 board meeting. Our lake lease agreement states that area to be used for water sports. A fair solution would be to go with the committee’s recommendation. Board President Mike Harris informed me this rule will be voted on at the September Board Meeting.

Kevin Thayer