City Council places Measure on Nov. 6 ballot


Only July 18, the Canyon Lake City Council unanimously placed the Public Safety and Local Control Continuation Measure on the November ballot.

If renewed, the Public Safety and Local Control Continuation Measure would continue local funding to maintain essential services including life safety services, emergency response times, keep the Canyon Lake Fire Station open and prevent cuts to firefighters, paramedics and sheriff’s deputies.

The Measure asks voters to consider continuing, with no increase in tax rates, the existing voter-approved 3.95 percent utility users tax (UUT). If renewed by voters, revenue from the measure will continue to require fiscal accountability provisions including independent annual audits that keep city spending transparent and ensure funds are spent effectively and efficiently. By law, all funds must be spent in Canyon Lake and no money can be taken by Sacramento.

“It’s been very helpful to hear from community members about their desire to see this funding continued. Residents deserve to feel safe in the community and the council appreciates this feedback about what the funding has meant for our quality of life and safety. It should be up to the voters,” said Mayor Vicki Warren.

“While residents receive many services from the Property Owners’ Association, the City provides public safety services, including 911 emergency response and paramedic services. If enacted, the Measure will simply maintain what we have now with funding that cannot be taken by the State,” said Canyon Lake City Manager Aaron Palmer.

Canyon Lake residents will consider the Public Safety and Local Continuation Measure on the Nov. 6 ballot.