Parking problem persists for owner of shopping center


Signs have been posted at the Eastport Market shopping center entrances in an attempt to solve the parking issue. Photo provided by Abed Taha

The owner of the Eastport Market shopping center, located just outside the east gate, has made several attempts to stop non-customers from parking in the shopping center’s parking lot. “Our parking lot is very congested as is without having cars left there by people who are not tenants, employees, or customers of the various businesses in the shopping center,” said the owner. “Some people are leaving their cars parked here all day,” he explained. “We can see them on camera parking their cars and getting in other cars and leaving for the day.”

He also suspects that some of the people who don’t have a pass to get in the east gate are leaving their cars in the parking lot and walking through the gate.

In an attempt to solve the problem, signs were posted at the entrances of the shopping center and flyers were placed on vehicles. But the problem still persists. “Nothing is helping,” he said.

After multiple warnings, and seeing no other option for solving the problem, management began having cars towed this week. The owner of the center is seeking the community’s assistance in helping him spread the word so no more cars have to be towed.