Local photographer wins photo contest


Canyon Lake amateur photographer Pat Van Dyke earned two awards for photos she took of Alaska’s Inner Passage.

June 26 marked the 50 wedding anniversary of Pastor Pete and Pat Van Dyke. To celebrate, the couple took an Alaskan cruise with their family, beginning in Vancouver, British Columbia and ending in Seward, Alaska.

In her usual manner, Pat took a plethora of photos: 3,417 to be exact. On this trip, Pat did something unexpected; she participated in a photo contest for the first time ever.

The contest took place on Celebrity Cruise’s Millennium. Submitted photos were to be taken during the trip and submitted by the evening of the fifth day of the eight-day cruise.

There were two awards: Passengers’ Choice award and Photographer’s award. Voting took place during the afternoon of the sixth day and that evening it was announced that Pat had won both awards. She received a $20 on board credit, hat and CD of the cruise.