All American Fit Club moves to new location in Towne Center



Photo provided by Shauna Cain.

To many Canyon Lakers, there may appear to be a new fitness center located in the Towne Center, but All American Fit Club has been in business in Canyon Lake for a year. Formerly located in a small office space in the Home Loans, Inc. building in Towne Center,  All American Fit Club recently moved to a larger, more visible location between the Sports Stop Pub & Grill and Signature Pho & Desserts.

Owner and fitness trainer Shauna Cain refers to her business as a fitness boutique offering small group training and classes focused on losing weight, building muscle, health and wellness. “I have one client whose lost 90 pounds and counting,” said Shauna.

How Shuna became a fitness trainer and owner of All American Fit Club is a story of success, tragedy and triumph. Always active in sports, Shauna started a career as a fitness model for San Diego Model Management. “My first job was the very first Axe deodorant commercial,” said Shauna.

After graduating high school, Shauna moved from San Diego to Los Angeles where she started knocking on doors of modeling agencies. A fitness model for 15 years, Shauna worked for 11 international modeling agencies and could been seen on billboards for brands like Quicksilver and K-Swiss. She worked as a host on the X Show on the FX Network for more than a year and a half and hosted on MTV.

All American Fit Club moves into its new location in the Canyon Lake Towne Center. Photo provided by Shauna Cain.

In 2003, at the peak of her modeling and television career, Shauna was involved in a major car accident in Los Angeles. She sustained a broken hip, tailbone, pelvis and fractured her back as a result of the accident. Her injuries confined her to a hospital bed for two months. She spent four months in rehabilitation and physical therapy learning how to walk again.

“The doctors told me had the fracture to my tailbone been one mila-meter over, I would have been paralyzed from the waist down,”  Shauna said. Six months later, driving in Los Angeles for an interview with MTV’s Carson Daily Show, she was involved in another accident. this one was less serious. Although the second accident was less serious than the first, it was at that point that Shauna decided to change careers.

Inspired by her physical therapists and how the body can recover from such a traumatic and debilitating accident, Shauna began her new career in physical fitness. She became a certified fitness instructor, earning certifications from National College of Exercise Professionals, National Exercise Strength Training Association, Aerobic and Fitness Association of America, APEX Fitness Group and ACE. She worked as a personal trainer and a spin and bootcamp fitness instructor until she opened her own business, UC Boot Camp, in Huntington Beach in 2008.

In June 2015, Shauna moved to Canyon Lake to be closer to her mother. She worked as a personal and group trainer at Fitness 19, TORQ Gym and UFC Gym until she was hired in June 2016 by Before and After Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Menifee, where she worked as a coordinator and head certified trainer.

With the encouragement of her then fiancé Ian Cain and his son 12-year-old son Aidan, Shauna decided to open All American Fit Club in Canyon Lake in May 2017. “Ian and Aiden helped me build the gym from the ground up,” said Shauna. “ Shauna and Ian married in December 2017. The couple resides in Menifee.

Since moving to the new location in May, Shauna has seen her business grow from four clients to 50. All American Fit Club hosts a variety of group classes, including yoga, spin, kickboxing, TRX suspended cables and Barre workouts (a combination of ballet and pilates) and HIIT exercises. In addition to exercise classes, All American Fit Club offers individual nutrition programs for weight loss and wellness.

There are no contracts to join All American Fit Club. Unlimited classes are offered for $99 per month. Free three day passes are available to those who sign up on their website at Canyon Lake residents receive a discount monthly cost of $79 per month and their first month free.

All American Fit Club is located at 31580 Railroad Canyon Rd., unit B. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The club is closed on Sundays. For more information, call 619-402-2382 or visit